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hatha yoga

Hatha yoga refers to the physical branch of the eight limbs of yoga. Hatha means “effort”…yoga means “union”…

Hatha yoga uses the breath to unify the body, mind and spirit and is a path toward creating balance and harmony.

This session will focus on the breath as you move through a series of physical postures (asanas) allowing you to stretch, strengthen and relax stiff muscles and joints. There are modifications to the postures that can reduce or increase the level of intensity. A regular yoga practice can help build strength, balance and flexibility as well as provide the opportunity to quiet the mind.

Take this time to rest and restore. Go at your own pace.  All levels are welcome!

yin yoga

In chinese philosophy, the yin and yang represent the duality and interconnectedness of the natural world. things that are moving are considered 

"yang”.  While the things that are still and calm are considered “yin”.  


Yin yoga is a meditative, slower paced style of yoga where the postures (asanas) are held for three to five minutes.


These postures are more passive holds with little muscular engagement and target the connective tissues, such as the ligaments and tendons.  Yin’s approach is to promote greater flexibility in areas such as the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.  It allows time for us to sit with ourselves and learn to relax our mind and body.  It is a wonderful compliment to the more active yang styles of yoga. All levels are welcome!

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